FEIYU G5, Weatherproof stabilized goodness.

Do you have an action cam? In need of something able to take on the rainy season? This stabilizer is for you!

Ever wondered what would happen with your brand new three axis action cam stabiliser if you dropped it in the snow, you went out in the rain, you decided to take it in the bath with you (i wouldn't try this)? 

It would more than likely be ruined, as unlike your Go-Pro, or whatever other brand you own, they are generally not weatherproof or waterproof.

But that’s all over now as The FEIYU G5 has been announced. 


A super sleek folding 3 Axis electronic gimbal ready to carry any shape and any size of action cam, (within reason) The Gopro Hero 5 fits along with The Hero 4 Black and Silver. It has a dual purpose hand grip that holds this things 8 hour battery goodness, if that isn’t when those 8 hours are up you can just keep shoving batteries in until you’ve run out of space to carry them. Even if you don’t have those extra batteries when you need them, the gimbal can be charged via any standard USB mobile phone Powerbank. 

The Gimbal is operated via a 4-way joystick found on the handle allowing you to directly control or to toggle between different gimbal modes in order to precisely control the pan, tilt and roll axis of the gimbal, you can even set a self timer to take yet another selfie!  


Got a heavy Action Cam? No problem. The G5 comes with some nifty counterweights in order to combat that extra load. 

The camera is held in place using a long screw fixture that allows you to slip your camera in and out with ease. 

The Gimbal also comes with a two 1/4 inch screw ports on the bottom. Got a selfie stick, tripod, car mount? No problem. Attach all of these to the standard screw mounts and your problems are solved!

It even comes with its very own protective case. 


You can get all of this at a rather reasonable price of $279. 

Joel Capes 04/01/2017 07:00:00

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