Motocrane, rigged up and ready to use in less than 30 minutes

A versatile vehicle mounted crane

The MotoCrane has just been announced, a vehicle mounted 9 foot crane flaunting not only the ability to be mounted to almost any vehicle but the ability to be mounted within 30 minutes while being safe and secure. What more could you want?
A 30 minute setup is based on a two man team. As many will know traditional vehicle mounted cranes and Russian arms take a long time and a team of people to setup. Another option has been to rent vehicles with the equipment ready mounted. The MotoCrane looks to usher in a new era in vehicle mounted cameras, while there has been little word on price at the moment, the concept itself could save tonnes of money and time on set. The maximum rated speed is a whopping 80 mph or 128kmh. Surely fast enough for your average high speed car chase. In order to maintain a level headed camera the rig has a stabilised head called the ACRO. The Acro is a 3 axis gimbal with state of the art sensors and brushless motors. Including dual lens control motors, SDI outputs and 2 Lemo lens control connectors.The Acro Gimbal also provides a 200W D-Tap in order to keep your camera and gear juiced up without needing to add on any extra weight. With an 11.33KG load capacity the gimbal will allow the user to mount a wide array of cameras bearing cine lenses and other gear. It is constructed out of aluminium and carbon making it lightweight and nimble. Rigging the crane up to a vehicle is made possible by industrial suction cups, harnesses and fasteners keeping your rig in place and the load distributed. The Crane itself is designed in order to optimise aerodynamics and balance when on the road at high or low speeds.
The Acro is connected to the crane via a ‘Wire rope isolater’, a lightweight cable that helps to reduce any vibrations caused by the road. The user can add or remove these ropes in order to optimise the device dependant on the weight of the camera setup. MotoCrane is Controlled entirely via an IOS app, it has an HD monitoring feed and full Fix control. Safety measures and limitations have been put in place in order to ensure safe operation. The entire system can be powered via the 12V vehicle battery, rated for 100 amps of peak current. A delivery date is unavailable but we hope to see the MotoCrane in use very soon.

Joel Capes 08/01/2017 07:00:00

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