Yi Erida Tricopter Drone

Carrying that brand new 4K action cam to the skies.

So yesterday we featured the Yi 4K+ action cam, a brand new 4K, 135 Mbps action cam capturing an astonishing 60Fps at the height of its resolution. Today we bring you the Yi Erida, an agile and fast solution to getting those aerial shots. Although already announced in August, with the announcement of the 4K+, Yi have updated the Erida’s details to include a version packing this 4K heavy hitter. The company claims that the Erida can reach whopping speeds of 75 Mph / 120 KPH. That trounces DJI’s brand new inspire 2 which is capable of merely 58 Mph/ 94 Kph in comparison.

Featuring patented folding rotors, this 3 winged bird can be packed down for ease of travel. The drone can be operated completely via its mobile application, controlling flight height, speed, flight modes, takeoff and landing without any need for a dedicated remote control. Although, if you are more comfortable using traditional remote controls do not fret, the Edra can be controlled via any regular RC remote control. Yi have stated that the maximum flying time is 40 minutes. According to Yi the drones software is open source and can be adjusted by developers to allow and enable additional features. The SDK will be coming soon. The Erida has Automatic takeoff and thereafter several flight modes, Manual, Circle, Hold and Follow me. It is packed with safety features brought by Yi’s custom LIDAR system, a built in set of laser scanners in order to avoid collisions, Beidou, GPS and GLONASS satellitee connections. It has been designed from the ground up in order to be adaptable and customisable by the user. The wings, motors, gimbal, battery and camera look to be easily switchable, as well as leg extenders being available as an extra accessory. The body is constructed from carbon fibre and weights solely 1.3 KG or 2.86Lb. Just as there has been no word as to price with the Yi 4K+, we will be left waiting to hear how much this three winged bird will set us back. Fingers crossed for a price swinging within the 1000$ market.

Joel Capes 11/01/2017 07:00:00

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